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Our Values

We have three values that drive everything we do. We want to be people who Discover Jesus. This isn’t a one time discovery. We believe that everyday we should discover Jesus. We believe that Jesus is in every moment of your life. And he wants to connect with you. He wants you to discover the joy of walking with him through those moments. We also want to be people who Follow Jesus. We want to follow him into every area of our lives. It can be too easy to just follow Jesus to church. And then live everyday for ourselves. We want to follow Jesus into every small little detail of our lives. Our last value is we want to Reveal Jesus. He has strategically placed us where ever we live. He’s put us in families, with friends, and in the workplace so that we can reveal Jesus in all of those area’s of our lives. If you want to be apart of our church you’ll be invited to live these three values. These three values are expressed through 12 pillars. We want to live on through these 12 pillars so that we can be healthy disciples of Jesus.

Discover Jesus

As we learn to discover Jesus we will treasure him. We have four specific areas where we teach our people to discover him. We don’t limit the ways we discover Jesus to these four things. But we really value these four aspects of discovering him.

-Discover Jesus in Scripture
-Discover Jesus as True Savior
-Discover Jesus in Worship
-Discover Jesus through His Church

Follow Jesus

As we learn to Discover Jesus we can’t help but want to follow him into every area of our lives. In this value we hold onto these four pillars:

-Follow Jesus into Freedom
-Follow Jesus in Friendship
-Follow Jesus in Stewardship
-Follow Jesus in Family

reveal Jesus

As we learn to Discover, and follow Jesus we believe the next step is Revealing Jesus. We have been so deeply moved by him that we want to reveal him to those around us. We focus on revealing him in four ways:

-Reveal Jesus through my story
-Reveal Jesus on Mission
-Reveal Jesus through discipling others
-Reveal Jesus through my gifts