Erik Howard

Erik HOWard


My name is Erik Howard. I have the privilege and honor of being the pastor at Glasstown Church. I've been in church ministry for a total of eight years and I studied at Liberty University. Along with my amazing wife and a core team, we planted Glasstown Church in February 2016. I am driven in ministry by the idea that Jesus calls his church to make healthy disciples.  I'm married to the love of my life Katie-Jean. She is a school teacher, the mother of our daughter, Joy, and the best cook I know.  Before I moved to NJ, I lived in Nebraska and I love everything to do with the Nebraska Cornhuskers. GO BIG RED! 

Some of my responsibilities:

  • Planning and implementation of the Glasstown Church service.

  • Carry the heart for the preaching of God's word at Glasstown

  • Carry the heart for the presence of God in all Glasstown services and ministries.

  • Identify, train and equip leaders who will train and equip volunteers.

  • Responsible for all training, equipping and releasing of Pastorates (small groups) at Glasstown Church, Living Faith and Christ Community church.

  • Oversee ministry teams and leaders.

  • Disciple people in the way of Jesus.

  • Leader of Adopt-A-Block

  • And everything else that goes along with being a pastor.

Jessica Noblett

Jessica Noblett

Glasstown CHURCH Director of Communication & Administration

My name is Jess Noblett and I’m usually “behind the scenes” at Glasstown Church. I graduated from Rutgers University and have been married to my handsome husband, Donald, for 7 years. We have been part of the core team of Glasstown Church since the very beginning in 2016. I love being home with our two wild sons and I’m passionate about the life-changing love of Jesus, living in honest and intentional community, foster care, coffee, and good books of any kind.

My responsibilities include:

  • Managing Glasstown Church’s social media accounts and online presence

  • Coordinating some of the administrative and scheduling needs of Glasstown volunteer and ministries

  • Assisting Erik in administrative tasks (and anything else he thinks of!) as needed and helping to ensure that our vision and goals are being accomplished effectively

Greg Hill

Greg Hill

Living Faith AlLIance Lead Pastor

I lead the Pastors Team and the office staff in carrying out the mission that God has called us to in South Jersey. As a pastor I really enjoy leading people to experience God through the gospel that transforms them to love and lead others. Other things I enjoy include pizza, pickles, pastelitos and a good steak, kung fu in the living room with my five children, dates with my wife, hiking, a good novel, and a well-written movie.

My creative outlets include needlepoint, calligraphy, origami, and sarcasm. Only one of those is true.

My Responsibilities:

  • Provide day-to-day management of Pastors Team, staff, and ministry leaders.

  • Oversee and manage all church facilities.

  • Steward finances by working closely with Pastors Team to develop budgets and track spending, maintain adequate cash reserves, and help avoid budget shortfalls.

  • Oversee Pastorates, Truth For Living, and other discipleship paths.

  • Plan, schedule and teach baptism and membership retreats.

Living Faith Alliance CHURCH Staff

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