Personal Participation in the Life of Living Faith

God’s church belongs to Him. He purchased us, He is over us.  Still, God doesn’t want us to see ourselves as passive tag-alongs in his life-transforming enterprise. He really wants you to be part of what he is doing. He wants your buy-in, your active participation. Our passion is pursuing the life-changing presence of Jesus, impacting South Jersey, one life at a time.

ChecK us out if..

  • If you want to experience God in a deeper, more meaningful way.

  • If you have questions about Christianity

  • You're called to make disciples. (We all are!)

  • You have a heart for Millville and Cumberland County

  • If you desire to be a part of a Church plant (New Church)

Who are we? 

  • We are all about Jesus.

  • We prioritize our involvement in community.

  • We share our gospel stories.

  • We are Jesus followers not just church goers.

  • We leverage our time, resources, and energy for the kingdom of God.

  • We pursue mission over comfort.

  • We are servants not spectators.