We want to do our part to provide every man, woman and child in South Jersey with repeated opportunities to see, hear and respond to the gospel of Jesus Christ. If we can serve you in any way, please don't hesitate to connect with us. We look forward to getting better acquainted!


We are deeply convinced that to be truly changed there is something you have to see. Better said, there is Someone you have to see and that Someone is Jesus. By being part of this fellowship, you won't actually see Jesus with your eyes, but just like you say, "I see it!" when something really makes sense to you, in that same way, we want you to see Jesus in His Word. When that happens, you will be changed.

I don’t know how that impacts you to hear that Jesus wants to change you. That may sound like great news or it may make you feel bad like Jesus is down on you. The truth is, Jesus loves you right now as you are, but in that love He fully intends to transform you into the fullness of what He has designed you to be. And He won't give up.

Our church exists to partner with Jesus in changing people so that together we become something glorious that we are not yet. Specifically, LFAC exists to win and equip followers of Jesus who love God passionately, make disciples continually, and plant churches regularly as lives, families, and communities are transformed by the Gospel of Jesus. 

As you become part of Living Faith Alliance Church you will hear a lot from God’s Word to help you see Jesus and be changed.


The amazing thing about seeing Jesus is when you see Him, you are never bored. Rather, the more clearly you see Jesus the more you are left awe-struck, stunned, and captivated. Seeing Jesus changes you by impacting the deepest part of who you are  your heart. Seeing Him, your values will change, your definitions of what life is all about will be impacted.

As you become part of Living Faith Alliance Church you will hear a lot that has power to change your heart.


Where Jesus reigns there are clear demonstrations of His power. Broken marriages are restored, habitual sin is broken, people are healed spiritually, emotionally and physically. Our experience of Jesus's power is inseparably linked to prayer. When Jesus chooses to act through His people, He acts through prayer.

We value seeking Jesus's presence through prayer. We want to train people in posturing their hearts to enjoy and seek Jesus’s presence individually and with others. We don’t want to lead people into simply doing more things but to receive revelation in such a way that we are essentially, fundamentally changed.


Relationships are one of Jesus's means of filling His people with real life. Church isn't just something you do, or a place you go. According to the Bible, Church is all about authentic, meaningful, truth-filled relationships. In fact, if you haven't experienced loving, real, honest relationships in connection with others, you haven't really experienced church.

Relationships are so essential because they are the necessary environment for the transformation of our lives and the credibility and effectiveness of Jesus's people depends upon the distinctive quality of our life. Jesus calls His people to shine! The beauty of our character and the power to consistently live well are the ultimate promotion for Jesus's Kingdom. Although the process of attaining godly traits takes our entire life, sadly, one can live his entire life and not appreciably grow in them at all. Godly character does not come automatically; it must be intentionally developed within a proper environment. We call that environment community. In Living Faith, we live out that community through Pastorates.

Change happens best, most profoundly, and most lastingly in the context of relationships. As you become part of Living Faith Alliance Church you will be encouraged to connect with others in life-changing relationships


Jesus said in Hosea 4:6, "My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge." Jesus said, "you will know the truth and the truth will set you free" (John 8:32). Paul challenged the church in Rome to be transformed by renewing their minds (Rom. 12:2). More than intellectual input, what we need is a changed world-view. We don’t need to just go to a Bible class; our heart must be realigned and redirected by a new life road map.

We value training people in receiving the revelation that comes by being equipped with God’s written Word, the Bible. (See Truth For Living for more information.)


Over the years we’ve learned that church doesn’t just happen inside our four walls. Every Summer we reach out to children in Center City Vineland and Millville. Once a year we cancel our Sunday Worship and send our people out to serve all over our city. Hundreds of people from LFAC did clean up work in Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina. We’ve sent teams of people to serve around the US and the world. Through it all, if we have learned one thing, we’ve learned that as a church we find our “sweet spot” when we prioritize "mission." We flourishwhen we live Jesus’ design for our life.  On mission

  • Our families are awakened to greater purpose,

  • Our hearts become infused with Jesus’ heart,

  • We grow best as followers of Jesus,

  • We find out God’s purpose for our life, and

  • We develop community and authentic relationships,


Without overlooking the significance of every stages of life, we are convinced the Gospel of Jesus must impact our marriages and families. As a church, we train husbands and wives to grow in love and intimacy. We help parents take their place in training their children to know and follow Jesus.